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Hurricane Safe
Security Safe

SECURITY & HURRICANE safe with laminated glass, multiple point locks and Steel Reinforced frames in our Platinum products. 1/4 x 4 inche stainless steel screws are used to fastener our windows.

Multi-chambered extrusions with compression-seal technology, and glazing capabilities of up to 1.5”, homeowners enjoy greater sound insulation, STC ratings. Every 10-decibel reduction feels half as loud to the human ear, so our windows improve noise reduction significantly.

Energy Efficient

Save on your LUMA bill

Significantly Less air infiltration & 0% moisture barrier.  Storm King Windows & Doors existing standards for design, materials, and extrusion create windows and doors that achieve air infiltration ratings as low as 0.02 cfm/sqft. Storm King uPVC frames and sashes are fusion welded at the corners and have co-extruded gaskets and seals, they are designed for zero waste leakage. This means no uncomfortable drafts, no moisture-causing structural damage and no unhealthy mold.

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German Engineering

(Parts & Design)

German Engineering, Suppliers & Parts. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) is a Low-maintenance, high-quality material used as a substitute for wood or aluminum in window & door frames. uPVC lasts in the severe salt environment of Island Living.

         German - uPVC

         German - Glass

         German - Hardware

         German - Machinery

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uPVC Lasts Longer

vs. Aluminum

*PR is a Salt Air Environment

uPVC simply has a different physical composition than Aluminum that has a slower deterioration time trajectory.  Imagine the plastic bottle floating in the middle of the ocean.  Inside the uPVC profile you will find reinforcement galvanized steel.

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