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Quality, innovation, and customer service have been the guiding principles of Storm King Windows and Doors, Inc. since Paul Lambert founded the company in May of 2006.  Over our decade-plus, Storm King has evolved and our dedication to craftsmanship and service has continuously grown.


Storm King Windows and Doors, Inc. has its own manufacturing facility here in Santurce, Puerto Rico, this allows us to meet many specific market needs that include, quality, lead time, and customer care.  The integration of state-of-the-art European machinery and deep knowledge of replacement window design are hallmarks of Storm King Windows and Doors, Inc.


The turning point for Puerto Rican real estate is occurring and Storm King Window and Doors, Inc. will facilitate this future growth of the Island.  As Puerto Rico embraces Solar Energy, much like Hawaii has already done, energy-efficient and hurricane safe windows will be a vital part of the changes we see coming.


Paul Lambert 


Storm King Windows & Doors, Inc.

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