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Technical Details: Doors

Multi Point Locking Systems


A multi-point lock is a type of locking system commonly used in doors and windows to provide enhanced security and sealing. Unlike traditional locks that have a single point of locking, multi-point locks feature multiple locking points along the length or height of the door or window. These locking points typically engage with the door frame or window frame at several locations simultaneously when the lock is operated, providing increased resistance against forced entry and improving the overall stability and security of the door or window. Multi-point locks are often found in modern entry doors, patio doors, and French doors, as well as in some types of windows.

German Engineered Door Hinges


HURRICANE strength and reliability.  A three-part hinge, also known as a triple hinge or a three-way hinge, is a type of hinge commonly used in doors and windows. As the name suggests, it consists of three separate hinge components that work together to allow the door or window to swing open and closed. They provide durability, stability, and smooth operation for heavy doors or windows.

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